Who, why and what is Gift from your Heart. Simple question, difficult answer.


Actually, it is about the way you communicate with others and, of course, the other way around. Not only with words, even with your attitude, the way you stand in life.
From a young age I learned a lot from my mother. About everything you can be grateful for. The sun rising, birds singing, the nice smell after rain in summer. All for free. It “belongs” to life, she said. “Look at everything you have and not at what you do not have”. To me, it is the base to be happy.
We had a ‘poem’ hanging in the toilet; Logical that you regularly read these words. And because of that, it is the way I am living my life. If you would do something for someone else every day and someone else would do that for someone else too, the world would look much better.

For me, the interest is in each other and the beautiful moments you are experiencing, are unprofitable and more important than materials.
Telling someone from your heart that you feel sincere love, friendship or gratitude, gives the other (and yourself) a good feeling. To hold that feeling longer, the feeling is packed in the package so you can hold and keep it.

Many people have made this idea and this site possible. Some consciously, others unconsciously. On this page, I would like to thank everyone very much for this.

With love and respect

Sorry, it is in Dutch

Our Passion

The use of social media, you can not ignore it. Love statements, congratulations, thank you’s and even breaking up relationships go through social media. Contacts are therefore more distant, impersonal.

Letting somebody know that he or she means a lot to you, in any way, is becoming more and more important. We like to bring people closer together with a physical, conscious and sincere message from the heart.


The entire composition of the packages ensures the good feeling and makes it extra valuable. Please do not disconnect one from the other. Disconnecting parts makes it less powerful.

Help to stimulate the personal message and bringing people closer together.

sent packages with Thank you
sent packages of Love
sent packages with Friendship
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