What is a Gift from your Heart?

It is a What is a Gift from your Heart?
It’s a small gift with a beautiful poem and a special message. A packet that you give from your heart, which will often be remembered as a giver and as a recipient as well:

The gift that embraces you

The best way to make someone Happy

It feels good when you can give someone a nice feeling because you are telling your beloved ones, that you love them,  appreciate their friendship, be grateful for something he or she has done for you or for one of the hundreds of other reasons. You can also comfort someone, because from now on it is easier, you can find the right words with a Gift from your Heart 

Symbol of Gratitude

With this symbolic package of gratitude you can thank and appreciate everyone in a very personal way; And not just for what you want to thank them for, even for the person himself. And there is so much to be grateful for. The package is available in English as well in Dutch.
Both personal and businesslike, this is the way to express your appriciation in a special way.  Because of your own personal text on the label

The message will be visible, tangible and long lasting. 

Symbol of Love

With this symbolic package with Love you give a message from your heart. You let the other know that he or she has a special place in your heart. With your own personal text on the label, you will make it even more special for the other. In this way, your love becomes visible, tangible and endlessly enduring.

Where ever you go

Symbol of Friendship

With this symbolic package you can tell and confirm your friends that you are really happy with them as a friend. With your own personal text, your Friendship will be visible. Every time they see the package, they are aware that you have a tight bond, one that you can be proud of

A sign of frienship everyone likes to get

Symbol of Consolation (English version coming soon)

Whether it’s a pet that deceased, a relationship has broken up or worse. There are those moments in life where it’s nice to get comfort by someone. Giving comfort is not always easy. Through this symbolic Troost package you can give someone a backing up. Not only for now, even for later. At this moment we are working on this Symbol.

A sign of comfort when words fail 


How nice would it be to find a real surprise on your doormat? Something exciting, sent to you by mail. You clearly see it’s a gift, but you do not know what’s in it. You look into it and see a handmade package with a great message from someone you know. A message from the heart. And you can feel it..